Urban City Lahore - New Payment Plan

If you are looking to buy plot on installments in Lahore, Urban City Lahore is the best option for you. Urban City Lahore is offering residential plots of various sizes in City Oais District & City Venture District Block. Here is the payment plan for City Venture District Block which is located on Main GT Road Kala Shah Kaku.

Urban City Lahore Payment Plan City Venture Block Main GT Road
Urban City Lahore - City Venture District Payment Plan

3 Marla Plot Payment Plan

Urban City Lahore

Booking Amount: 225,000

42 Monthly Installments: 8500

6 Half Yearly Payments: 60,500

Allocation Charges: 90,000

Possession Charges: 90.000

Total Amount: 1,125,000

5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

Urban City Lahore

Down Payment: 350,000

42 Monthly Installments: 13,500

6 Bi-annual Installments: 93,500

Allocation Amount: 150,000

Possession Amount: 150.000

Total Price: 1,775,000

10 Marla Plot Payment Plan

Urban City Lahore

Down Payment: 700,000

42 Monthly Installments: 27,500

6 Bi-annual Installments: 175,000

Allocation Amount: 297,500

Possession Amount: 297.500

Total Price: 3,500,000


  1. Above price is for cost of land only
  2. In case of corner or park facing plot 10% category charges will be applicable
  3. Limited files available

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Urban City Lahore Payment Plan


Urban City Lahore is a prestigious residential project located on the prime location of Main GT Road. It offers a range of residential plots in different sizes to cater to the diverse needs of potential buyers. In this blog post, we will explore the payment plan of Urban City Lahore and provide an overview of the plot prices and payment options available.

Plot Prices

Urban City Lahore offers residential plots in two main categories: 1 Kanal and 10 Marla. The plot prices vary depending on the size and location within the project. The prime location of Main GT Road adds to the overall value and attractiveness of the investment. – 1 Kanal Plot Price: The price range for 1 Kanal plots in Urban City Lahore starts from [insert starting price] and goes up to [insert maximum price]. These plots are ideal for those who prefer spacious living and want to build their dream home in a prime location. – 10 Marla Plot Price: If you are looking for a slightly smaller plot, Urban City Lahore also offers 10 Marla plots at competitive prices. The price range for 10 Marla plots starts from [insert starting price] and goes up to [insert maximum price]. These plots are perfect for individuals or families who want a well-designed home in a secure and modern community.

Payment Plan

Urban City Lahore provides flexible payment options to make it easier for buyers to invest in their dream property. The payment plan is designed to accommodate the financial needs of individuals and offers convenient installment options. Here is an overview of the payment plan for Urban City Lahore: – City Venture Block Payment Plan: The City Venture Block is a prime area within Urban City Lahore, and it offers attractive payment options. Buyers can book a plot by paying an initial down payment and then choose from various installment plans. The payment plan typically spans over a specific number of months, allowing buyers to pay in manageable installments. – Main GT Road Block Payment Plan: The Main GT Road Block is another sought-after area within Urban City Lahore. The payment plan for this block is designed to provide flexibility and convenience to buyers. Similar to the City Venture Block, buyers can select from different installment options according to their financial capabilities.

Urban City New Deal

Urban City Lahore periodically introduces new deals and offers to attract potential buyers. These new deals often come with special discounts, extended payment plans, or additional benefits. It is advisable to stay updated with the latest news and announcements from Urban City Lahore to take advantage of these opportunities.

Plot on Installments

One of the key advantages of investing in Urban City Lahore is the availability of plots on installments. This allows buyers to secure their plot with an initial down payment and pay the remaining amount in easy installments over a specified period. This feature makes it more accessible for individuals to invest in their dream property without putting a strain on their finances.


Urban City Lahore offers an attractive payment plan for potential buyers, making it easier to invest in residential plots in this prestigious project. The plot prices for 1 Kanal and 10 Marla plots are competitive, and the payment options are flexible and convenient. With its prime location on Main GT Road, Urban City Lahore is an ideal choice for those looking for a secure and modern living experience. Stay updated with the latest deals and announcements to make the most of your investment in Urban City Lahore.

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