City Venture Block – Payment Plan, Location & Plot Prices

City Venture District Block Urban City Lahore

Urban City Lahore, a prestigious real estate project, offers a range of blocks to cater to the diverse needs of investors. One block that stands out from the rest is the City Venture Block. Known for its premium amenities and prime location on the main GT Road, Kalal Shah Kaku, City Venture Block is the ultimate choice for those seeking a lucrative real estate investment opportunity.

About City Venture Block

City Venture Block is considered the most premium block in Urban City Lahore. Its popularity stems from its exceptional amenities and its strategic location on the main GT Road, opposite KFC, Kala Shah Kaku. The block offers a variety of plot sizes, including 3 marla, 5 marla, 10 marla, and one kanal, providing options for investors with different budgetary requirements.


One of the key reasons why City Venture District is highly sought after is its impressive range of amenities. The block features a Central Business Hub, which provides a conducive environment for commercial activities. Additionally, it boasts a vibrant Commercial Zone, Glow Garden, Jogging Track, Play Lands, Golf Course, Cricket Stadium, Sports Complex, Hospital, Schools, Colleges, and Shopping Centers. These amenities ensure a high standard of living and offer a diverse range of recreational activities for residents.

City Venture Block Payment Plan

For investors looking to purchase a plot in City Venture Block, the payment plan offers attractive options. The price for a 3 marla plot is 1,125,000 only, while a 5 marla plot is priced at 1,775,000. For those seeking a larger plot, the price for a 10 marla plot is 3,500,000. The payment plan is designed to accommodate various budgets and provides flexibility for investors.

City Venture Block Payment Plan
City Venture Block Payment Plan

Why Invest in City Venture Block?

There are several compelling reasons why City Venture Block is the best block in Urban City Lahore for real estate investment:

  1. Premium Location: City Venture Block’s location is prime as it is located on the main GT Road, Kalal Shah Kaku opposite to Macdonald’s KSK, ensures excellent connectivity to major areas of Lahore and neighboring cities. This strategic location enhances the block’s potential for capital appreciation.
  2. Amenities: City Venture Block offers an extensive range of amenities, including a Golf Course, which adds to its appeal. These amenities not only enhance the quality of life for residents but also attract potential buyers, making it a desirable investment option.
  3. Pre-Launch Rates: Investing in City Venture Block at its pre-launch rates provides investors with the opportunity to secure a property at a lower price, maximizing their potential returns in the future.
Location of City Venute Block of Urban City Lahore
Location of City Venute Block of Urban City Lahore


City Venture Block in Urban City Lahore is undoubtedly the best block for real estate investment in Lahore. Its premium location, abundance of amenities, and attractive payment plan make it an ideal choice for investors. Whether you are looking to build your dream home or seeking a profitable investment opportunity, City Venture Block offers the perfect blend of convenience, luxury, and potential growth. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this thriving community!

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